Oct. 5, 2021


As you all know I have been working diligently on a number of projects behind the scenes. Thankfully, I am steadily approaching the finish line. Although I am not quite there as of yet, I can assure you that you all will enjoy the finished product.

Stay posted for new updates!!!

Latest comments

03.06 | 02:34

I love Word Wednesdays. My family and I listen to your audio recordings religiously. However, I am waiting for some new tunes.

29.05 | 15:13

Aww. You two sound so cute. #powercouplegoals#

28.05 | 20:32

Really, babe? Smh. You are the worst. I'll see you when you get here.

28.05 | 20:06

I love you, baby. I know you told me never to post on this venue but I couldn't resist. I am so proud to be your future husband. I'll see you when I get home.

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