Jan. 18, 2017


Saying hello, isn't a crime.

Saying you look beautiful is fine.

However, when you dismiss the concept that she is only seven years away from nine then you have crossed the line.

Disregard her words and listen to her mind.

Watch her behavior and pay attention to her values and morals.

Her maturity is only an act!

She is sexually experienced. So, like a chameleon she uses this skill to adapt.

Her face may be pretty, her rack may be stacked, and her shaped may be enact.

However, she is still a baby and none of these physical attributes can undermined that fact.

If she wants to explore the world, let her, but she can do so without the help of an alternative father.

You can not save this girl, she has her own agenda, and her mind is made up. So, please don't bother.

Only her parents or life's bullets will slow down her speed. 

She is mentally immune to stds  and naive to pregnancy.

Yes, she may look  grown, bad, sweet, and mean.

She may  even lie about her age however, this little girl is only sixteen.

Latest comments

03.06 | 02:34

I love Word Wednesdays. My family and I listen to your audio recordings religiously. However, I am waiting for some new tunes.

29.05 | 15:13

Aww. You two sound so cute. #powercouplegoals#

28.05 | 20:32

Really, babe? Smh. You are the worst. I'll see you when you get here.

28.05 | 20:06

I love you, baby. I know you told me never to post on this venue but I couldn't resist. I am so proud to be your future husband. I'll see you when I get home.

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