Oct. 23, 2016

The Price of Love

From beauty to a beast. She once suffered from starvation; her only cure was to feast on the flesh of many men. She came from Able, to Barry, to Carlos, and went on until she met  Zin. She went from family member to friend. Then she went from friend to foe. She had been called every name in the book. However, she never knew what love truly was until she met Joe. Joe was the man that she had been longing for. He knew all of the right things to say and he never made her feel like a whore. However, he had requested something from her that she had knowledge of however, she had never practiced before. He told her that he was allergic to both, latex and sheep skin contraceptives. Although she had been with nearly a hundred men, she had never explored nudity in the raw. At first, she was reluctant to discover more. Although he told her that he only had seven partners, he had not been completely honest about his sexual conquest; however, he did this in an effort to reassure. At first, they started kissing on the sofa. Then they rolled around for a little while on the floor. They caressed each other while the situation continued  to heat up. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Joe jumped up and threw his robe on before he scurried towards the door. A tall gentleman handed him a yellow envelope, Joe said thank you, and then he closed the door. He then rushed over to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of wine , two glasses, and he slowly began to pour. Then he opened the envelope, while holding one glass in hand, and  then that  glass fell to the floor. He walked back into the bedroom with his jaw hanging merely  inches from the floor. He handed the envelope to her then her jaw hung to the floor. He had discovered that he was H.I.V positive. Together, they discovered the true price of the glove. Suddenly,  neither one of them were willing to pay an additional price for love.

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03.06 | 02:34

I love Word Wednesdays. My family and I listen to your audio recordings religiously. However, I am waiting for some new tunes.

29.05 | 15:13

Aww. You two sound so cute. #powercouplegoals#

28.05 | 20:32

Really, babe? Smh. You are the worst. I'll see you when you get here.

28.05 | 20:06

I love you, baby. I know you told me never to post on this venue but I couldn't resist. I am so proud to be your future husband. I'll see you when I get home.

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